Order Sizes

We ship orders from 1 bag up to orders of several kilos - no order is too small or too large! We try and help every customer who calls, with honest advice and recommendations, and we continually strive to deliver the very best level of customer service we can.

You can call us in normal office hours, Monday to Friday - we are always happy to help.

 How much do I need?

We are often asked "How much do I need? 

This needs a moment to explain, as confetti now is more than just "stuff" thrown around. There are petals, crystals, throwing confetti, and of course the "flat" confetti stars, dots, hearts and numerous designs.


As we sell crystals in packs of mixed sizes and single sizes we have indicated the approximate quantity in each pack, - you have to decide the density, but if you keep crystals very centralised i.e. just on the mirror you need approx 1-2 packs per table.
Real Rose Petals

A 2 litre box will satisfy 5 to 6 tables.

Paper Petals

There are 200 in a pack so these will satisfy for 3 to 4 tables.

Regular Foil Confetti

Most professional event organisers opt for one 28g bag(1 oz) to be sufficient for 3 tables of 10 (typically the round banqueting tables).

Please note we supply 28g (1 oz) as standard for Stars Dots and Hearts, other designs, may be in 28g or 14g and some Christmas designs are in larger sizes as standard.

Call us if you need further help.