Planning a Happy Kids Party

Planning a Happy Kids Party

Any parent will tell you that planning a party for little people is no easy task. It is not uncommon to let the sheer size of your to do list overwhelm you.

When you are in an anxious state like this, you are less able to enjoy the party that you’re putting so much effort into. You child’s birthday party is as much of a milestone for you as it is for them; the day they were born was the day you became their mother.

Every time one of my children has a birthday I find myself feeling very reflective, looking back over their little lives and the impact they have had on me as a person and my family.

Planning a children’s party can distract you from these precious moments, the pressure of delivering the perfect event to please everyone can stop you from pleasing yourself.

Here are 4 tips to help you keep focused on what matters and still plan an awesome party children’s party.

1.  Talk to your child about their party

We all want our kids to be happy and trying to make sure that the party meets their expectations can be stressful. Ask your child for party ideas and you might find yourself looking for flying unicorns. 

Talk to your child about their party so they know what to expect, dependent on their age, you could even get them involved in the process. Remind them of the important things and the things they have to be grateful for. You can still give them an incredible experience with extra surprises packed in but at the same time teaching them about what has true value in life.

2.  Party planning doesn’t have to be a solitary sport

Trying to do everything yourself can lead to huge amounts of anxiety and stress. For some though, it can be just as difficult to let go of control and let other people help. It is however, essential to share the load if you want a contented family.

Make a list of the jobs that need doing and decide the tasks you want to do yourself. Then delegate the rest of the ‘to do’ list with family and friends that you trust. Once you have given out a job, don’t allow yourself to stress about it. Tick it off your list and consider it done.

If you can hire help, when you are paying someone (that has been recommended) then you can relax knowing that what you have asked for will be delivered without fuss or family politics. 

3.  Be sentimental as you party

Don’t be afraid of showing your emotions. Your child’s birthday party is a special occasion and one to be celebrated and embraced. Having a contented family means paying attention to these moments and not letting them fly past tainted with stress and anxiety.

Focus on what is important; spend some time reflecting on what you’re grateful for and the amazing things that have happened since your child has been born. Don’t forget to share these positive thoughts with your child, they will benefit from seeing you model Contented Parenting.

4.  Tech up the party

Today there is technology available to help make the process of party planning easier. You don’t have to sit for hours writing invitations you can simply create a Facebook event or use an online invitation software.

There are many companies that provide excellent online services and prices so that you haven’t got to go out searching the shops for the party accessories you need. Why waste your petrol or time when you can order from the comfort of your own sofa with a glass of wine in your hand.

 Lisa Barry is a parent well-being coach and writer for The Contented Family. She has three children and has planned her fair share of children’s parties!

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