How Table Confetti can stimulate a baby’s senses.

How Table Confetti can stimulate a baby’s senses.

Being a mum is a demanding job!

From the moment this gorgeous bundle is put in your arms we have a huge responsibility. The responsibility to nurture and guide these little humans through many milestones such as weaning, walking, communicating, building up physical strength to name a few whilst keeping them entertained as they progressively stay awake longer as they get older and take more interest in the world. Something we often forget about (or don’t have time to think about) is HOW we go about stimulating some of their senses.

Now you are probably wondering, what has this got to do with Table Confetti?

Well, as a mum of a 3 year old, an almost new born and business owner of Tots Play Bridgend, Cowbridge & Llantrisant, I spend most of my time finding new ways to stimulate not only my little ones senses but to inspire mums to create simple, time and cost effective crafts.

I’ve always loved the idea of glitzy shiny things to stimulate my daughter’s sense of sight but was always put off confetti as it was too small and not baby/toddler friendly.

Then I had an idea – why not put it in a bottle and seal it tight so she couldn’t access the contents but could enjoy it?

She absolutely loved it! I rolled it out into my sensory collections in class and these bottles are a huge hit!

We even theme them up and I’m really excited to be currently working on some spooky Halloween Lava lamp bottles with a fab range of Halloween Confetti from Table Confetti.

These bottles are extremely easy and cost effective to make and are extremely effective in developing a baby’s senses and keep a toddler engaged for hours! Plus the styles and creations you can make are endless!

Here is a sneak peek at how you can make yours at home…

All you need is:

1 x 500ml drinks bottle (preferably with no ridges)

2 -3 drops of gruesome food colouring (green/orange works well)

Half a packet of Halloween table confetti

Glue/insulating tape

Orange/green/black ribbons (optional)


10 minutes of your time to make!


1)      Take the bottle and fill half with water and half with oil

2)      Add a little food colouring in.

3)      Take your chosen Table confetti and add it in

4)      Seal the top tight with either glue or insulating tape

5)      Add spooky ribbons (optional)

6)      Have fun exploring these with your little ones!


I have my orders placed for confetti for Christmas and Easter already!

Happy Playing,

Claire Garcia

Tots Play Bridgend, Cowbridge & Llantrisant


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