How Music Can Add to Your Wedding Sparkle

Table Confetti has teamed up with leading DJ company, UK Mobile Disco’s. They have been kind enough to write a blog for us so we can all benefit from their expert musical knowledge and an understanding of the power of music on the most important day of your life.



When planning your big day there is so much to consider; dresses, suits, venue, photographer, cake, theme, flowers, décor, table plan, food… the list is endless. Every small element is planned specifically to make the day special so that in 60 years’ time when you are sat in your rocking chairs together, you can look back with fond memories of a day that sparkled with joy. But what does it mean to sparkle and how can music add to it?

A wedding is such a unique event; after all, we only ever plan on doing it once. There is so much energy that goes into it that the energy is already charged before the day has begun, everyone is excited and for some, nerves are running high. All the guests and staff involved have made sure they are dressed for the occasion; the preparation is about to pay off, the atmosphere is electric.

Picture this…

Imagine, the church bustling with your guests, eager to see the dress and witness the wedding vows, the moment has come, the bride appears at the top of the aisle and the groom turns to catch her eye.

This is it.

But as she starts to walk towards the man of her dreams, the church is silent. No organ, no violins, no melody. This beautiful and anticipated moment has become very flat very quickly.

Without music, it has lost its sparkle. 

Picture this…

It’s the reception, everyone is excited to get the party started, there is a relief that the ceremony part went without a hitch, and people are energised (and probably hungry). But this time, as guests walk in the big room full of gorgeous colour coordinated décor, it feels empty as silence overhangs the venue like a dull cloud. The atmosphere is dead, and even slightly awkward. 

Without music, it has lost its sparkle.

The first dance, the father and daughter dance the last dance and everything in between is non-existent without music.

Music provides the soundtrack of our lives; it brings people together and can transcend the generation gap. Music sets the tone of the day and night; it affects the energy in the room and can drastically alter people’s emotions and subsequently their behaviour.

So when your organising your big day, don’t forget about the value of music to make it sparkle.

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